The iconic twin towers:

later afternoon,

and evening.

arki geek mode:
I love how they have planned the vicinity of the twin towers.
the back has a lagoon/pond with landscapes, and the front has a plaza where people can walk along and enjoy the beauty of the twin towers at a comfortable distance.
People would not be too overwhelmed from looking up once they reach the end of the plaza.
The end of the plaza is also the best place to take pictures with the towers as the backdrop.
Digicam users should be aware of their lenses. Dslrs may be preferable but must mind their lenses, too šŸ™‚
It was hard taking these shots because we had too pratically crouch so low to the ground just to take it haha. But the result was worth it ^^

Oh yeh. I love the night shot and the night skyline of Kuala Lumpur. The Petronas were shining like diamonds in the CBD! It was so pretty!

ļ¼ˆ Ā“(悧)ļ½€ļ¼‰


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