Meet my not-so-new phone charm, Kuma-san. (bear in japanese)
This phone charm has been lying around since forever.
I have almost forgotten that I have it ^^;

Another long time no update! I’m running out of pictures to share, too. D:

Then again, my life is kinda boring lately. On weekdays; I go to the office, eat, go home, eat, sleep. On weekends, either I just stay home, or go to the mall. <_< Can't see anything interesting to shoot either.

Last week, I had seen some possible good shots. Sadly, I didn't have a digicam with me. My current camera phone sucks. Using a random old phone in the house. The camera lens part has scratches on it. (I missed my old phone T.T I was pickpocket-ed last month 😦 sad.)

Anyway, I plan on bringing digicam with me to work now. I might see some good things to capture while going to work or going home 🙂 (There aren’t really anything interesting to shoot at work. ^^;) And!!! I’m currently trying to plan something fun in my sched like a picnic or going out-of-town for a day. Maybe once every two weeks? or once a month? I don’t like boring =p.

( ´(ェ)`)


About mil.o.e

A nocturnal, quirky, and optimistic; but sometimes cynical, architect who likes traveling, food, and other random things (ie photography, gift wrappers, and ribbons). A coffee addict. Enjoys music ranging from classical to jrock. Loves stationery products especially unruled notebooks, markers/felt-tip pens, F pencils, and other coloring materials. Believes that ice cream, fruit slushies, and cookies can always make a day brighter. View all posts by mil.o.e

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