Day 13 to Day 15

Day 13: Technology

Simple ‘Machines’ or what not

When one mentions technology, words like gadgets, video game consoles, personal computers, automobiles, etc. immediately pops up. Well, I thought I’d post something differently.

Some things that we take for granted: fabrics, watches, tapes, glues, lenses, papers, standard measuring materials. =)

Day 14: 5 Facts

1) Chinese zodiac sign: Dragon (龍)

2) My initials are E.V.O.L.; L meaning Lim. I reversed it: milove. It sounded like my love, so I removed the V. Hence; miloe 🙂 (fun fact: my 2 sisters’ initials are also e.v.o.l ^^ E from dad’s first name, V from mom’s :))

3) I love unruled notebooks ♥ It’s where I put my schedules, ideas, doodles, etc.

4) I also adore writing materials. Whenever we travel, I can’t leave my notebook and pens/pencils. ♥

5) My family sometimes calls me a camel. This is because I can’t be seen without my water jar/bottle, especially at home. Haha. I love drinking water, but not an aquaholic.I like it lukewarm than cold.

Day 15: Sky

sunset funset

Initially, I thought of taking the sky photo from the reflection of a puddle of water. It didn’t rain yesterday; but while walking to the main road, this site greeted me. It was soooo pretty! The vivid colors were like a reverse flame— the bluish hue at the top fading to violet, pink, red orange, yellow. The giant ball of fire, reflecting on glass curtains casting a red orange glow to the city. A rare site in the metro. 🙂



About mil.o.e

A nocturnal, quirky, and optimistic; but sometimes cynical, architect who likes traveling, food, and other random things (ie photography, gift wrappers, and ribbons). A coffee addict. Enjoys music ranging from classical to jrock. Loves stationery products especially unruled notebooks, markers/felt-tip pens, F pencils, and other coloring materials. Believes that ice cream, fruit slushies, and cookies can always make a day brighter. View all posts by mil.o.e

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