CosMania 2012


I have returned to playing some MMORPG last year, namely this: Dragon Nest. =)) My favorite is Alfredo. Obviously, my characted is Academic -> Engineer. hehe…

erm….. Yeh, Backtracking posts from last year. =)) The Cosplay last year was… okay. My sister and I thought the Cosmania 2011 was more exciting. It was still good, though. We didn’t stay for the cat walk.



About mil.o.e

A nocturnal, quirky, and optimistic; but sometimes cynical, architect who likes traveling, food, and other random things (ie photography, gift wrappers, and ribbons). A coffee addict. Enjoys music ranging from classical to jrock. Loves stationery products especially unruled notebooks, markers/felt-tip pens, F pencils, and other coloring materials. Believes that ice cream, fruit slushies, and cookies can always make a day brighter. View all posts by mil.o.e

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