A stand-off


I have always been interested with model kits, but have just recently bought (not only one but) 3 SD’s. lol I blame it on my friends whom I had traveled to Malaysia with. They told me to buy the MG 1:100 models, but I thought I should start with SD’s. Just because they look so adorable! I was tempted to buy the Strike Freedom, but there were no Infinite Justice available. =( They would have looked perfect together! …Bought A Strike Weapon System, Unicorn rx-0, and the Unicorn Banshee instead. I originally planned on getting just one. XD Friend bought the new Protozero 🙂

I think I’d collect SD’s instead.

~( ̄∀ ̄)~


About mil.o.e

A nocturnal, quirky, and optimistic; but sometimes cynical, architect who likes traveling, food, and other random things (ie photography, gift wrappers, and ribbons). A coffee addict. Enjoys music ranging from classical to jrock. Loves stationery products especially unruled notebooks, markers/felt-tip pens, F pencils, and other coloring materials. Believes that ice cream, fruit slushies, and cookies can always make a day brighter. View all posts by mil.o.e

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