author: miloe88
a graduate of BS Architecture
a licensed Architect
nocturnal (even when I get sleepy for most of the day, I’m usually wide awake at night.)
appreciates photography
loves ice cream and cookies (comfort food)
composed mostly of fandom, music, architecture, photography, travel, and a bit of RL (real life)
miloe is derived from my real name šŸ˜‰
88 from 1988
random fact: č”£ēŽ‰åæ is my Chinese given name.
likes random things šŸ™‚

the blog:
A random blog to post random pictures be it people, scenery, food, etc. šŸ™‚ I try to upload as regular as I can, but sometimes I just get flooded with real life/work.

Most of the pictures here, if not all, are shot with just a Canon Ixus 860is Digital camera. Still saving up for a good Dslr. But, it’s fun experimenting with Digicams. =) Though, it can be frustrating especially with night shots. tsk. Oh well, You have to work with whatever resources are currrently available. o_o;

Most of the pictures 120 and before it were shot with a Canon Ixus 860IS. I didn’t buy a DSLR… but I did buy a Mirrorless camera! (shot taken by Canon Ixus 860IS) I bought it with my own hard earned cash! It feels so fulfilling. (lol)

I still do love the mentioned digicam. So, I won’t be ‘discarding’ it anytime soon. The images that came out were actually pretty. This camera is one of the factors that have sparked my appreciation towards photography. (My dad’s one of the main influence though, but that’s a different story. =D)

The images are uploaded in my Photobucket. I had the account since a long time ago, so might as well use it. =) I also used to edit there, but after they did a new system(?) on editing photos, I thought it was similar to Lightroom and Photoshop. Both programs that we use in the office, and where I’m weakest at. So, recently, I have been improving my skill on Photoshop, and self-learning Lightroom. I mostly use Lightroom for editing photos =)

bliss: random topics of travelling, artsy-craftsy stuffs, ideas, music, videos, architecture, some pictures, etc. In short: Everything I personally like shared in a blog.

Foodietraveller: yey for food~! and bits of travelling.

email: miloe88@yahoo.com


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