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Cookie’s first time outside Quezon City


date: June 9, 2013

Aside from being the annual FCAAF cycling race, it was also cookie’s first time out! Cookie had been to other plces, but she only stayed in the car, and did none to little socializing. Despite with other dogs around, she’s in almost perfect behavior! Almost. She barked at a ShihTzu and a Basset Hound or Daschund. As for the other big dogs ie. Husky, German Shepherd and another Labrador, she just stared at them.

We really should bring her to the beach some time. 😀 and… she (and I) seriously should exercise again.






This yellow Lab is owned by one of the owners of a surfing school in San Juan, La Union. He’s name is River, and is 9 years old! The age explains why he is just chillin’ and not being the usual ADHD Labrador. =))

(Took this photo with my Sony NEX-5n! =D this photo wasn’t edited)





I have finally been to the Mind Museum! ^^ I had been wanting to meet T-Rex for a very long time. Now we’re officially acquainted! (lol)

The Mind Museum is one of my favorite buildings in the Philippines. Mainly because of the function and the design. A lot of people have mentioned that the entrance fee is too expensive, especially us adults because it’s for kids. (aka: “pambata ang linalaman”)

But actually, my sister, her friend , and I had enjoyed our stay there. 😀 The interior was something I had imagined it would be. We had relearned quite a lot of things, and got some other new information that we didn’t know. My only “complaint” would be that most of the facilities or interactive consoles are designed for kids’s anthropometrics. =\ Then again, it IS designed for kids.


Day 22 to Day 27

Day 22: Favourite Memory


This was a hard theme. Honestly, nothing really popped out immediately after reading the topic. I had a good childhood. I have an endearing family and friends. They make me happy that 95% of the moments I spent with them are part of my fondest memories. (5% for misunderstandings).

I chose a different tactic to arrive to a solution. What is my recent best/happiest/favourite memory? I backtracked to what had happened early this year to last month. 😉 Nice thinking. Good Job.

On the eve of my birthday (I’m a December baby), it was our high school batch’s first Christmas party since graduating, well, high school. Minutes after midnight, we semi-celebrated my birthday with shots for everyone. I didn’t buy those shots, btw. (They were from the actual party. lol) It was my first time celebrating it like that. 🙂 It gave me warm and fuzzy feelings. That night, we (A and I) slept over at J’s house. It was also my first time to celebrate my birthday over at someone else’s house. 😉 We spent the whole day and afternoon just chilling.

The cake was a ‘surprise’ from the CCK siblings (J and her 2 sisters) and A. M was on skype, which was also a surprise. Love you dears~ ♥♥♥

Day 23: Any Animal/bird


Erm….. The birds in the neighbourhood don’t really… show themselves after working hours. And, mornings are always a rush here. The rest of the hours, I’m stuck inside the office. So… this is close enough… ^^; Woodstock.

Day 24: Random

mason jar and tea light

This photo was supposed to be number 102 photo, but I keep on forgetting to share it here. A few weeks ago I released my stress/irritation by doing some arts&crafts. I spray painted a few mason jars: 2 whites, 1 olive green, and 1 glow-in-the-dark. I didn’t know what to do with them yet minus the glow-in-the-dark one. That is until our house’s fuse box suddenly decided to not receive electricity from the main line anymore.

Good thing I had made the said project! The white ones were perfect. The candle inside the small white jar illuminated the room more than when the candle is outside the jar. Not to mention it is safer. For the tea light to not stick on the jar, I had a few stones and sands left from my modelling kit back in college. I poured all of my scraps inside, which was nothing much (approx. 1cm). I then placed the tea light on it. Ta-da~!

The set was on our porch.

Day 25: Purchased

a few items

Monopoly Deal was once a hipster thing. Now it’s mainstream. But, I still like it anyway. I have played this game since early last year, but I have just recently bought my own set (last Saturday to be exact). I’m planning on buying the Sorry! cards. Although, I don’t know anyone else here who is familiar with the Sorry! board game aside from achi and shobe…

The Hooray for Today is from Mcdonalds. I have mentioned this before on Day 7. Technically, I purchased this by completing the breakfast card. XD

Goody’s Spin Pin! I’m still practicing on how to use them on my medium length layered hair. I have tried it on my sister who has longer hair, and it was magic! I plan on buying the bun spin spiral, too! 🙂

Day 26: Small Objects

The pieces of jewellery are from mom’s, who gave it to me. I’m a dragon; hence the dragon pendant. My sisters have their’s, too. A tiger and a ram. Amongst the 3 of us, I wear earrings more often than my 2 sisters do. I only wear these for special occasions. But, I do sometimes wear the earrings on family day outs.

The other items are my small object necessities: The mp3 player to kill time; the bobby pins and hair bands for taming my hair; Lipice lipbalm for chapped lips (lol obviously); and Vicks VapoRub for sinusitis attacks.

Day 27: Building

around the vicinity of COEX, Seoul, South Korea

This is a photo from late last year, but I don’t think I had ever shared it here yet. This was not the most impressive building in Seoul, but I like the effect of the details when one looks at it from the ground. It’s almost psychedelic or mind-boggling!


Day 9 to Day 12

La-la-la-la catching up yet again~~~

DAY 9: Flowers


My only décor here in my cubicle at work. A few more days left before moving to another office~~~ 🙂

Day 9: What I am wearing (more like what I wore)

Saturday chill day

Last Saturday was quite uneventful. Just went to the salon to have my hair trimmed (for the Chinese New Year~~!) and try that hair treatment. Hair treatment seems fine. O_o Might have it treated again after holy week. 🙂

This t-shirt is one of my favorites! The shirt was originally just for guys, but I love the design! I mean, look! It’s the Parthenon! XD Dad bought the Great Wall of China. 😀 ooh~! Couple shirts~! lol =))

DAY 10: Faceless Self-Portrait


Okay, so this is obviously not me lol. But I thought it was too cute to ignore. ^^;

DAY 12: Scene from a window


This is what I see everyday going home from work: lots of cars. …Do they have a term for a group of cars? ..A pollution of cars?

That tall classical building is actually a funeral home. ^^; The name of the establishment is Sanctuarium. Kind of grand for a funeral home, ey? I don’t know why they put funeral homes along that road. Yes, there are others more.





We have a new guest tonight! It’s bee! lol. Are you lost bee? What are you doing in our bathtub? o_O



and there was electricity!


One of my favorite scenes in the Teddy Bear Museum located inside Seoul Tower. Aren’t they cute? =^^=


December! It’s snowing in here! ^^ I shall experience snow in RL someday! 😀

( ・(ェ)・)



Shobe was taking pictures of Cookie last night. She told Cookie, “give me fierce!” Cookie suddenly posed like this. XD



Leo desu!

It’s name is Leo, a Scottish Fold.
Leo is not my cat, I wish he was. 😦

Photo is not taken by me either.
Source of this adorable furball: from its owner.

I just wanted to share this because Leo is so cute and…it’s August! 😀
get it? 😀 Leo… zodiac sign…. august….
…….no? o_o; ..okay….



Why so serious Cookie?

My favorite subject :D.

I sat beside cookie when I was taking a very short break from taking rain photographs. (see photo #67)
I didn’t here any other sound besides the rain and the occasional car driving by. So, I don’t know why she looked serious, but I just had to take a photo of her looking so stressed/problematic. XD
She went to sleep afterwards lol o_o;

♪(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆

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