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8th FCAAF Friendship Dat Bike Challenge 2014


I always look forward to this bike race every year, especially this category: Folding Bike. Although there were less people who wore costumes this year, I think it’s obvious who won this year base on the picture above. …Or the lack of it. =))

Last year for the best in costume, this dude in bathrobe won.




FCAAF Robust 2013 Friendship day bike race


date: June 9, 2013
Category on this image: Folding Bike. Costume: optional. =)

btw. the guy in bathrobe won best in costume. πŸ˜‰ My top 3 best in costume was him; the guy beside him in long sleeves top, tie, and shorts; and the dude wearing a Barong. =D Hoping for more fun costumes next year.




Kisses Army


I wasn’t able to give my annual goodie treats last Christmas, for I was “busy” studying for the board exam. Actually, I was just short in funds because I was on my leave from work.

Shobe planned on giving her officemates some chocolates for Christmas. I can’t remember if she asked for my help or if I just volunteered… o_o; But, she did use my materials! (I always keep stock on gift wrappers, cellophanes, double sided tapes, etc.)

I took this when shobe was deciding the number of chocolates to give per person. πŸ˜€ I thought it did look like platoons.



Binondo Church


This was taken last Chinese New Year. My sisters insisted that we go to Ongpin and experience a Chinese New Year there. At first I was interested, too, so I conceded, not to mention that I miss some Ongpin food. But… if I expected a lot of people there, I never expected it to be THAT MANY. @_@

If you do plan on going to Ongpin next time for a Chinese New Year celebration, bring your own drinks and maybe some food. Mom and I planned to buy a cup of fruit shake from ChuanKee, but they ran out of ice. haha. The trusty sugarcane juice along OngPin street (after A&S lamps) didn’t have stock anymore. We didn’t try to buy chienpao from the store we often go to, because of the long queue. =))



So…. We meet again water-outside-our-gate.


I have just woke up, and this greeted me. Poor benz, too.

It has been raining for 24 hours now nonstop, and the dams have apparently overflowed since last night…. So, yeh this is like Ondoy part 2, but only there is no typhoon. So what do you call this… The great flood 2012? The rain with no name?

Comparing this to Ondoy, Ondoy is far much worst. Rain had fallen for approximately 6 hours before the water was outside our gate. At least this time, it has been raining for a day. Still bad though.

~( Β΄uο½€)~

image c/o achi.




Had a chance, grabbed it immediately! πŸ™‚ Finally met them in person ^^. Although… I didn’t know there was a meet and greet… haha o_o; Hoping for a next year? Please bring Ted Fu next time! =) maybe along with Ryan Higa, Kev Jumba, and others…. Yeh. in short, ISA in the Philippines! XD

( Β΄θ‰Έο½€)

100th photo


2 days late for posting the hundredth post ^^;
We celebrated the coming of 2012 at Eastwood Mall. Stood for more than 1.5 hours, but it was worth it. The last performer was Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano, and 2 of his sons (if my memory is correct). It was almost like a mini concert of Gary V. He performed for more than an hour, and seemed to still be very lively. I guess that was how he was hailed as Mr. Pure Energy. πŸ˜‰ It was the second time I’ve seen him live. The first one was at the DLSU centennial party. The mini concert was fun! ^^

Happy New Year everyone! ^^



2nd FCAAF Springfest CIVIC-VOLVO Bike Race Challenge 2011

date: March 20, 2011
for more photos click here or here^^

edited: 2011-09-21
my… what fail is this.. one of the links here was directed to somewhere else (youtube) XD The links are fixed now =))


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