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Gigantes Island

Teaser photo of what I plan on writing for foodietraveller. 2 weekends ago, we went to Iloilo-Gigantes + island hopping~ The price was average. But, I don’t know how cheaper you can get than that.

The 2days, 2 nights in Gigantes costed around 2400php. That is inclusive of the boat rent, food (seafoodddd!), accommodations (with aircon), guide, guide’s tip, other transportation (riding behind the motorcycle), tour, etc. Not too bad I think. =)



Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Rain chain


I just came across this in my wordpress feed and thought it was very interesting to do. I hardly post photos anymore, so this could be a start. =)

This structure is a part of photo 132. The image above focused on the rain chain, which acts like a downspout. The architect did not want to expose the pipes of the downspout, because he wanted the visitors to focus on the pyramid-shaped chapel and its massive diagonal structural legs. Having visible vertical pipes would only add more lines to the aesthetics, and would destroy the diagonal lines. The Rain chains are made of steel chains. They look light in the eye, and provides an interesting detail.

When the rain hits the roof, the water will glide to the gutter then clings on the rain chain. It then travels directly to the area drain catch basin. The site is really peaceful. For more pictures of the chapel, please go to this link.



Lunar Halo


I have only read randomly about this a few months ago, and I can’t believe I’m seeing one live! =)

:*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:


Surf’s Up at Baler


Baler 2.0~~There is something at Baler that makes you want to go back for more. 🙂



One of many sunrises


This was from our strict budget weekend trip last month with officemates and others. We went to Real, Quezon to surf~! It was a short vacation but encountered many hilarious circumstances. We still crack up whenever we talk about the situations we ran into during this trip.

For other details about this trip, I have wrote all about it at foodietraveller and bliss. =)



One of many sunsets


This is still from our last out of town trip. The waves are tamer at this side of Luzon, good for beginner surfers. =) The waves are more aggressive/frequent/fairly bigger at the East side, since it’s already the Pacific Ocean.

But… the first time I tried to surf was at Baler. I had a mild headache after being thrashed around by the waves.. o_o; It was still a lot of fun though =D



Night Sky


One of my favorite things to shoot is the night sky. I tried with a digicam a few years and here. I thought it was good for a digicam..

Anyway, When I had held my new camera for the first time, I was excited for our annual Holy Week Trip! I knew we were going to the beach, I was really hoping that the vicinity of San Juan, La Union wouldn’t be flooded by so many lights. The area we stayed at, Final Option, didn’t! =D But.. it was the full moon =( It was shining exceptionally bright. Maybe because of the lack of artificial lights.

The first night wasn’t successful, but the second, which resulted to this, was quite alright. The moon hasn’t risen yet. Need to practice more.

This month, I will be going to the East side of Luzon: Real, Quezon and Baler, Aurora. I’m especially excited for Real, because of the meteor shower! I’m hoping that we’ll be able to catch even a glimpse of them. ^_-;





Time flies by so fast~~~~ It’s already December! …And I have been an irresponsible blogger (haven’t really updated much this year) and pre-board architect (I should be fixing my logbook). Ohwell. =D

This was taken last August to celebrate Achi’s birthday. ^^; We ate at Sonia’s Garden. The place is just lovely! Perfect place for peace and quiet. One can’t help feeling rejuvenated even with just quick afternoon stroll there. The place has executed vernacular architecture well. In a way, it’s a perfect place for foreigners wanting to experience “something local.” The exterior structures may not look very Filipino, but the small details and the interiors makes up for it. =)

( ̄▽ ̄)=3


430 pm


Ahhhh~ 3pm to 5 pm. My favorite hours of the day, especially during ber months. That time when you can safely walk outside without worrying about the heat or humidity and/or lounge. Perfect time of the day to just relax and drink a cup of coffee.

Wish I have the liberty to do that now. (p_q) I’m stuck in the office.

~( ´▽`)~



A wet week?


=\ It’s already October and typhoons are still around.. I guess this year will be another wet Christmas


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