Angat Residence


So, we are currently doing some marketing materials for the firm… Starting by seeing if we can do the photoshoot of structures by ourselves or outsourcing them. Hence, the photo above. We experimented on photoshooting the bosses’ house. It was fun~~~ ๐Ÿ™‚

So far, we plan on outsourcing it because we foresee that it may hinder our schedule with the projects we’re handling. But, the final decision will be made by the partners though.






Uh…. I have just recently got into Instagram. =)) Kind of late, but who cares.

So far, I have posted mostly of architecture related photos.. actually, what you see up there are the only photos in my instagram as of now XD

account: euni_lim



Cookie’s first time outside Quezon City


date: June 9, 2013

Aside from being the annual FCAAF cycling race, it was also cookie’s first time out! Cookie had been to other plces, but she only stayed in the car, and did none to little socializing. Despite with other dogs around, she’s in almost perfect behavior! Almost. She barked at a ShihTzu and a Basset Hound or Daschund. As for the other big dogs ie. Husky, German Shepherd and another Labrador, she just stared at them.

We really should bring her to the beach some time. ๐Ÿ˜€ and… she (and I) seriously should exercise again.



FCAAF Robust 2013 Friendship day bike race


date: June 9, 2013
Category on this image: Folding Bike. Costume: optional. =)

btw. the guy in bathrobe won best in costume. ๐Ÿ˜‰ My top 3 best in costume was him; the guy beside him in long sleeves top, tie, and shorts; and the dude wearing a Barong. =D Hoping for more fun costumes next year.




Surf’s Up at Baler


Baler 2.0~~There is something at Baler that makes you want to go back for more. ๐Ÿ™‚



One of many sunrises


This was from our strict budget weekend trip last month with officemates and others. We went to Real, Quezon to surf~! It was a short vacation but encountered many hilarious circumstances. We still crack up whenever we talk about the situations we ran into during this trip.

For other details about this trip, I have wrote all about it at foodietraveller and bliss. =)



One of many sunsets


This is still from our last out of town trip. The waves are tamer at this side of Luzon, good for beginner surfers. =) The waves are more aggressive/frequent/fairly bigger at the East side, since it’s already the Pacific Ocean.

But… the first time I tried to surf was at Baler. I had a mild headache after being thrashed around by the waves.. o_o; It was still a lot of fun though =D



Night Sky


One of my favorite things to shoot is the night sky. I tried with a digicam a few years ago..here and here. I thought it was good for a digicam..

Anyway, When I had held my new camera for the first time, I was excited for our annual Holy Week Trip! I knew we were going to the beach, I was really hoping that the vicinity of San Juan, La Union wouldn’t be flooded by so many lights. The area we stayed at, Final Option, didn’t! =D But.. it was the full moon =( It was shining exceptionally bright. Maybe because of the lack of artificial lights.

The first night wasn’t successful, but the second, which resulted to this, was quite alright. The moon hasn’t risen yet. Need to practice more.

This month, I will be going to the East side of Luzon: Real, Quezon and Baler, Aurora. I’m especially excited for Real, because of the meteor shower! I’m hoping that we’ll be able to catch even a glimpse of them. ^_-;





This yellow Lab is owned by one of the owners of a surfing school in San Juan, La Union. He’s name is River, and is 9 years old! The age explains why he is just chillin’ and not being the usual ADHD Labrador. =))

(Took this photo with my Sony NEX-5n! =D this photo wasn’t edited)



Kisses Army


I wasn’t able to give my annual goodie treats last Christmas, for I was “busy” studying for the board exam. Actually, I was just short in funds because I was on my leave from work.

Shobe planned on giving her officemates some chocolates for Christmas. I can’t remember if she asked for my help or if I just volunteered… o_o; But, she did use my materials! (I always keep stock on gift wrappers, cellophanes, double sided tapes, etc.)

I took this when shobe was deciding the number of chocolates to give per person. ๐Ÿ˜€ I thought it did look like platoons.


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