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Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Rain chain


I just came across this in my wordpress feed and thought it was very interesting to do. I hardly post photos anymore, so this could be a start. =)

This structure is a part of photo 132. The image above focused on the rain chain, which acts like a downspout. The architect did not want to expose the pipes of the downspout, because he wanted the visitors to focus on the pyramid-shaped chapel and its massive diagonal structural legs. Having visible vertical pipes would only add more lines to the aesthetics, and would destroy the diagonal lines. The Rain chains are made of steel chains. They look light in the eye, and provides an interesting detail.

When the rain hits the roof, the water will glide to the gutter then clings on the rain chain. It then travels directly to the area drain catch basin. The site is really peaceful. For more pictures of the chapel, please go to this link.




Sta. Barbara Chapel, Pampanga


Here is one of our office’s built projects. This was actually a commission project to Bacolor, and designed by big boss. From the rendered images we have in our files, seeing the actual thing was much more fascinating! The design is really simple and structural; pyramidal and open on all 3 sides (the fourth side being the altar). The floor is just plain cement straight to finish. The altar is painted and with regular strip grey wall tiles. The ceiling is just stained plywood, but they did look like natural wood. The roof: asphalt shingles (to be confirmed).

Simple finishes, classy structure. 😉

Photos taken with Sony NEX 5N SL1855


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