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8th FCAAF Friendship Dat Bike Challenge 2014


I always look forward to this bike race every year, especially this category: Folding Bike. Although there were less people who wore costumes this year, I think it’s obvious who won this year base on the picture above. …Or the lack of it. =))

Last year for the best in costume, this dude in bathrobe won.



FCAAF Robust 2013 Friendship day bike race


date: June 9, 2013
Category on this image: Folding Bike. Costume: optional. =)

btw. the guy in bathrobe won best in costume. πŸ˜‰ My top 3 best in costume was him; the guy beside him in long sleeves top, tie, and shorts; and the dude wearing a Barong. =D Hoping for more fun costumes next year.




2nd FCAAF Springfest CIVIC-VOLVO Bike Race Challenge 2011

date: March 20, 2011
for more photos click here or here^^

edited: 2011-09-21
my… what fail is this.. one of the links here was directed to somewhere else (youtube) XD The links are fixed now =))


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