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still with Angat Residence


This is still from the photoshoot seen at post 129. The picture here is actually the material of the deck, which is Wood Plastic Composite. Their deck used to be just plain cement finish with some gravel. They are thinking of maybe selling this place, so they had it refurbished a bit.

bit of building materials info for those who are not familiar:
Wood can be used for exterior finishes, like wall claddings and floor. The downside is wood can easily rot, corrode, and decay. You need to have it maintained for maybe at least every 5 years, depending on the supplier’s recommendation. There are tiles that simulates wood finishes, but most sizes of them lack the proper dimension of a wood plank to make it seem like real wood.

Wood plastic composite (WPC) is a good alternative for exterior finishes. It contains wood powder and plastic, so it can resist decaying, etc, and will still look and feel like wood. Their length can go up to 4 meters, depending on the supplier. The downside of this material is once the surface is scratched, white gashes may appear. But, there are some suppliers that say their WPC’s, once scratched, will retain the same color of wood. However, they can be a bit more expensive. šŸ™‚




Angat Residence


So, we are currently doing some marketing materials for the firm… Starting by seeing if we can do the photoshoot of structures by ourselves or outsourcing them. Hence, the photo above. We experimented on photoshooting the bosses’ house. It was fun~~~ šŸ™‚

So far, we plan on outsourcing it because we foresee that it may hinder our schedule with the projects we’re handling. But, the final decision will be made by the partners though.





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