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So, Converse and Gorillaz has this collaboration. I’m not exactly a fan of the band, but I do appreciate their graphics/art and love sneakers. They already have a total of 10 designs out: 8 highs and 2 lows. And, you just can’t deny that the designs are freaking nice!

From the 10 designs, my top fave is the black leather hi one. The design is simple; but I love the zipper details, the soles, and the insides. The second is a tie between the latest white canvas ones and the lead nylon. I like the material of the lead ones, but I prefer the graphics of the white ones. The con of the white canvas is that it attracts dirt a lot more than the nylon. The 3 designs mentioned are not yet available locally.

Anyway, the sneakers above are not exactly ours (shobe and mine). A pair costs PHP3250. Even though I like the design, I don’t think I am willing to buy a pair. My sister’s *ahem* “close guy friend” *ahem* loves the band, apparently. He had already bought 2 Gorillaz sneakers. The other one is the black nylon. He ‘lent’ one of them to us, because he doesn’t wear sneakers regularly. I think he still wants to buy more. He especially likes the camo ones. What does he intend to do with all the sneakers? I’m not sure either… o_o I don’t know how male logic works. A male engineer logic at that.

I’m not sure if I’d like to wear the sneakers a lot. I’m wary that the paint might chip off or something. Then again, my grey lo-top canvas Chucks with silver-ish and bits of pink-graphic-something-paint still have not come off. It’s been almost 2 years since I had it. I usually wear the grey ones or my other pair (almost 6 year old black Chucks All Star canvas) to the office. 🙂 Hm…I think I might just wear the Gorillaz to the office tomorrow. XD



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