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“All the world’s a stage”– William Shakespeare

“…if all the world’s a stage,
well then u know we’re merely players.
it’s only natural to be a player,ha ha ha!” —[感情是舞台] (love is the stage) 王力宏 (Leehom Wang)
random almost nonsensical but fun music~~ 🙂
this song appeared in Forever’s First Day (永遠的第一天)

we have only one life = one stage. lets have the best/fun stage ever!^^




2d post~!

Metropolitan Theater. view from the stage

I would like to go back inside the Met 🙂 I’m still hoping that the restoration project is still on going with a specific deadline of when it will open it’s doors to the public once again.

:*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:

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