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Surf’s Up at Baler


Baler 2.0~~There is something at Baler that makes you want to go back for more. 🙂




One of many sunrises


This was from our strict budget weekend trip last month with officemates and others. We went to Real, Quezon to surf~! It was a short vacation but encountered many hilarious circumstances. We still crack up whenever we talk about the situations we ran into during this trip.

For other details about this trip, I have wrote all about it at foodietraveller and bliss. =)



/a>Mount Isarog

It’s nice to wake up everyday to this 🙂
love the reflection on the lake, too



Sunrise in Binangonan, Rizal

took this last sem-ender/pre-graduation party 🙂
most of us went to sleep at around 6am hehe



16th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival

I have always wanted to ride in one of those….



my other best friend (next to coffee). been spending a lot of quality time with sunrise~

whenever the sun rises, it tells me to go to sleep.


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