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Day 9 to Day 12

La-la-la-la catching up yet again~~~

DAY 9: Flowers


My only dΓ©cor here in my cubicle at work. A few more days left before moving to another office~~~ πŸ™‚

Day 9: What I am wearing (more like what I wore)

Saturday chill day

Last Saturday was quite uneventful. Just went to the salon to have my hair trimmed (for the Chinese New Year~~!) and try that hair treatment. Hair treatment seems fine. O_o Might have it treated again after holy week. πŸ™‚

This t-shirt is one of my favorites! The shirt was originally just for guys, but I love the design! I mean, look! It’s the Parthenon! XD Dad bought the Great Wall of China. πŸ˜€ ooh~! Couple shirts~! lol =))

DAY 10: Faceless Self-Portrait


Okay, so this is obviously not me lol. But I thought it was too cute to ignore. ^^;

DAY 12: Scene from a window


This is what I see everyday going home from work: lots of cars. …Do they have a term for a group of cars? ..A pollution of cars?

That tall classical building is actually a funeral home. ^^; The name of the establishment is Sanctuarium. Kind of grand for a funeral home, ey? I don’t know why they put funeral homes along that road. Yes, there are others more.



Day 6 and Day 7

Day 6: From a Distance

Quezon City Circle


One of the highest points in Quezon City. If Quezon City Circle is flooded, the water would be at the second floor of our house. Or worse: the roof. o_o

Day 7: Sunset



I have done this sketch a long time ago. If I rememberer correctly, this was in high school, since my signature here was different. ^^; I was not able to capture a real sunset because today was cloudy. The sky/colors weren’t pretty.

Mcdonalds also has this breakfast promo wherein you have to complete the card’s ‘breakfast menu.’ Once you complete it, you get this cute post-its to ‘share positivity’ to anyone. I think it is quirky. πŸ™‚

Oh yeah~! I’m on schedule once again. ^^ tomorrow is Day 8: Chocolate. =)

Cheers! ^^



Is that a shark??? It’s following me!!! ((((((/β—ŽΠ”β—Ž)/


the other shark: photo #77

There are reasons why I love window seats and this is one of them: staring outside the window looking at the sea of fluffy clouds. πŸ™‚
I tried to refrain from posting another window seat, but I really thought this picture is a bit comical. ^^;



Purple Line


“the name “Purple Line” refers to the thin rays of light on horizon when the sun sets”

I feel bad that I don’t update this site regularly. o_o; To keep this blog active, I plan on reaching photo 100 by the end of the year! I am already pondering on ideas for this blog ext year. Do a 365 day photo challenge? Or maybe I could start in a smaller scale like a 30 day challenge. ^^; Yeah… prolly gona start with that…. anyways. 15 more photos till 100! πŸ™‚

Ο†(.. )


It’s a dragon! …. or a Lapras..? hmmm…..⌐_⌐;

took this during our flight to Singapore last month πŸ™‚



to Sentosa


that’s us (me and my sisters) btw πŸ™‚
shot taken by a family friend at the other car with mom and dad ^^



traffic at the runway

2 airplanes behind our plane waiting for their take off,
an airplane just took off after us,
waiting for another plane to land.

This airport needs another runway badly.
or they can move other flights to Clark…
but also create a transit between Manila and Clark. o_o


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