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Kisses Army


I wasn’t able to give my annual goodie treats last Christmas, for I was “busy” studying for the board exam. Actually, I was just short in funds because I was on my leave from work.

Shobe planned on giving her officemates some chocolates for Christmas. I can’t remember if she asked for my help or if I just volunteered… o_o; But, she did use my materials! (I always keep stock on gift wrappers, cellophanes, double sided tapes, etc.)

I took this when shobe was deciding the number of chocolates to give per person. 😀 I thought it did look like platoons.




simple gift


Belated Happy Valentine’s Day~! =)) How did you spend valentine’s day? I.. created yet another blog. haha. not much in there yet…

It has been more than a week since the last day of the photo challenge. And I still haven’t finish it yet.. oops… XD


Day 8: Chocolate



One of the country’s local chocolate. The size of one choc*nut is approxiamtely 2.54cm x 7.62cm (1″x3″).

I have been eating this since I was a kid, and it still is my number one fave local chocolate. =) It has a nutty taste; hence the name choc*nut I guess. (Chocolate and nut lol). Choc*Nut is usually included in my Christmas bag of goodies. 😀

Thank you to officemate who gave me 4 of these ^^. Nice timing for day 8~~


Day 2 to Day 5

DAY 2: Outdoor

The Ruins


This classical structure is a tourist attraction in Bacolod called The Ruins. The structure was built n the mid 1800s and then ‘burned down’ during the WWII. After more than 100 years, it is still standing proudly on the estate looking as if it is just under construction.

Imagine what it would have looked like when it was complete. The structure’s building materials and technologies used were top-notched: A-grade concrete, long-span 2-inch thick wooden floors (approx 1m x 20.5m), etc. They were also already using pipes for electrical wires. The septic tank used back then, is still being used right now. Inside the structure, there is a still well-kept interior garden. I can go on forever gushing about The Ruins, but I might bore you ;). All I can say is, THIS IS A MUST VISIT!!!

My sister went to Bacolod to attend a relative’s wedding. I was browsing through her photos and found this. I love the reflection of the structure. It looked as if the estate has a large pond when in fact, it doesn’t. It does have a fountain though ^^; I love the illusion of the photo.

Short history of the Ruins click here 🙂

DAY 3: Shadow of anything

site photo


This structure is actually one of my current job’s government project. I like how the sun was cast on the marble accent wall from the louvers. The shadow added drama to the structure. The second floor windows you see here are supposed to have horizontal louvers. Yeah… you just can’t not have problems in construction, especially when it is a government project.

DAY 4: Favorite Color



Well, obviously my fave color is green. Haha. These are the green-colored stuffs inside my bag today. I used to have more green stuffs. =)

DAY 5: What I ate

food from Bacolod


This is my lunch for today! Achi, dad, and grandma came home last night from Bacolod. One of the few things that must be brought home to enter the home is Aida’s Chicken Inasal! No other Chicken Inasal can be compared to this (…or maybe JT Manukan’s can).

My dessert/snacks: caramel boat tarts and butter scotches from Virgie’s, also from Bacolod. =)



goodie bag for this year


This year I only gave Christmas goodie bags for only 12 people. Unlike the previous years, I’d make it a point to give everyone treats in the class. ^^;

..lol summer colors! I had these colored papers lying around, and it was the perfect size! It would be a waste to not use them. I thought they look pretty. 🙂



Super Santa! 🙂

Hope this happy looking Santa can cheer people up (even if it’s January now) 🙂 Let’s all be good this year so Santa can bring us presents lol ^^


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