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A stand-off


I have always been interested with model kits, but have just recently bought (not only one but) 3 SD’s. lol I blame it on my friends whom I had traveled to Malaysia with. They told me to buy the MG 1:100 models, but I thought I should start with SD’s. Just because they look so adorable! I was tempted to buy the Strike Freedom, but there were no Infinite Justice available. =( They would have looked perfect together! …Bought A Strike Weapon System, Unicorn rx-0, and the Unicorn Banshee instead. I originally planned on getting just one. XD Friend bought the new Protozero 🙂

I think I’d collect SD’s instead.

~( ̄∀ ̄)~



Cookie’s first time outside Quezon City


date: June 9, 2013

Aside from being the annual FCAAF cycling race, it was also cookie’s first time out! Cookie had been to other plces, but she only stayed in the car, and did none to little socializing. Despite with other dogs around, she’s in almost perfect behavior! Almost. She barked at a ShihTzu and a Basset Hound or Daschund. As for the other big dogs ie. Husky, German Shepherd and another Labrador, she just stared at them.

We really should bring her to the beach some time. 😀 and… she (and I) seriously should exercise again.


Day 9 to Day 12

La-la-la-la catching up yet again~~~

DAY 9: Flowers


My only décor here in my cubicle at work. A few more days left before moving to another office~~~ 🙂

Day 9: What I am wearing (more like what I wore)

Saturday chill day

Last Saturday was quite uneventful. Just went to the salon to have my hair trimmed (for the Chinese New Year~~!) and try that hair treatment. Hair treatment seems fine. O_o Might have it treated again after holy week. 🙂

This t-shirt is one of my favorites! The shirt was originally just for guys, but I love the design! I mean, look! It’s the Parthenon! XD Dad bought the Great Wall of China. 😀 ooh~! Couple shirts~! lol =))

DAY 10: Faceless Self-Portrait


Okay, so this is obviously not me lol. But I thought it was too cute to ignore. ^^;

DAY 12: Scene from a window


This is what I see everyday going home from work: lots of cars. …Do they have a term for a group of cars? ..A pollution of cars?

That tall classical building is actually a funeral home. ^^; The name of the establishment is Sanctuarium. Kind of grand for a funeral home, ey? I don’t know why they put funeral homes along that road. Yes, there are others more.


Day 2 to Day 5

DAY 2: Outdoor

The Ruins


This classical structure is a tourist attraction in Bacolod called The Ruins. The structure was built n the mid 1800s and then ‘burned down’ during the WWII. After more than 100 years, it is still standing proudly on the estate looking as if it is just under construction.

Imagine what it would have looked like when it was complete. The structure’s building materials and technologies used were top-notched: A-grade concrete, long-span 2-inch thick wooden floors (approx 1m x 20.5m), etc. They were also already using pipes for electrical wires. The septic tank used back then, is still being used right now. Inside the structure, there is a still well-kept interior garden. I can go on forever gushing about The Ruins, but I might bore you ;). All I can say is, THIS IS A MUST VISIT!!!

My sister went to Bacolod to attend a relative’s wedding. I was browsing through her photos and found this. I love the reflection of the structure. It looked as if the estate has a large pond when in fact, it doesn’t. It does have a fountain though ^^; I love the illusion of the photo.

Short history of the Ruins click here 🙂

DAY 3: Shadow of anything

site photo


This structure is actually one of my current job’s government project. I like how the sun was cast on the marble accent wall from the louvers. The shadow added drama to the structure. The second floor windows you see here are supposed to have horizontal louvers. Yeah… you just can’t not have problems in construction, especially when it is a government project.

DAY 4: Favorite Color



Well, obviously my fave color is green. Haha. These are the green-colored stuffs inside my bag today. I used to have more green stuffs. =)

DAY 5: What I ate

food from Bacolod


This is my lunch for today! Achi, dad, and grandma came home last night from Bacolod. One of the few things that must be brought home to enter the home is Aida’s Chicken Inasal! No other Chicken Inasal can be compared to this (…or maybe JT Manukan’s can).

My dessert/snacks: caramel boat tarts and butter scotches from Virgie’s, also from Bacolod. =)




Shobe was taking pictures of Cookie last night. She told Cookie, “give me fierce!” Cookie suddenly posed like this. XD



Why so serious Cookie?

My favorite subject :D.

I sat beside cookie when I was taking a very short break from taking rain photographs. (see photo #67)
I didn’t here any other sound besides the rain and the occasional car driving by. So, I don’t know why she looked serious, but I just had to take a photo of her looking so stressed/problematic. XD
She went to sleep afterwards lol o_o;

♪(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆


favorite random cookie moment


I love teasing our dog, just because she never gets annoyed. (If I did that to our german shepherd back then he might have chewed my hand-off from the start XD)
This gif is actually a cut from when my sister and I were videotaping her. I was giving her snacks but also putting a biscuit on top of her head. I love her reactions. They were all so adorable!



Pretty Cookie

This is actually an old photo, but she pretty much still look the same.
still fat. just border overweight..
but no worries, we’re making her go on a diet~ 🙂



our photogenic Labrador

name: Cookie.
nickname: Tai Pao (just cause she’s white, big/fat, and round hehe)


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