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One of many sunsets


This is still from our last out of town trip. The waves are tamer at this side of Luzon, good for beginner surfers. =) The waves are more aggressive/frequent/fairly bigger at the East side, since it’s already the Pacific Ocean.

But… the first time I tried to surf was at Baler. I had a mild headache after being thrashed around by the waves.. o_o; It was still a lot of fun though =D






This yellow Lab is owned by one of the owners of a surfing school in San Juan, La Union. He’s name is River, and is 9 years old! The age explains why he is just chillin’ and not being the usual ADHD Labrador. =))

(Took this photo with my Sony NEX-5n! =D this photo wasn’t edited)


Day 13 to Day 15

Day 13: Technology

Simple ‘Machines’ or what not

When one mentions technology, words like gadgets, video game consoles, personal computers, automobiles, etc. immediately pops up. Well, I thought I’d post something differently.

Some things that we take for granted: fabrics, watches, tapes, glues, lenses, papers, standard measuring materials. =)

Day 14: 5 Facts

1) Chinese zodiac sign: Dragon (龍)

2) My initials are E.V.O.L.; L meaning Lim. I reversed it: milove. It sounded like my love, so I removed the V. Hence; miloe 🙂 (fun fact: my 2 sisters’ initials are also e.v.o.l ^^ E from dad’s first name, V from mom’s :))

3) I love unruled notebooks ♥ It’s where I put my schedules, ideas, doodles, etc.

4) I also adore writing materials. Whenever we travel, I can’t leave my notebook and pens/pencils. ♥

5) My family sometimes calls me a camel. This is because I can’t be seen without my water jar/bottle, especially at home. Haha. I love drinking water, but not an aquaholic.I like it lukewarm than cold.

Day 15: Sky

sunset funset

Initially, I thought of taking the sky photo from the reflection of a puddle of water. It didn’t rain yesterday; but while walking to the main road, this site greeted me. It was soooo pretty! The vivid colors were like a reverse flame— the bluish hue at the top fading to violet, pink, red orange, yellow. The giant ball of fire, reflecting on glass curtains casting a red orange glow to the city. A rare site in the metro. 🙂


Day 6 and Day 7

Day 6: From a Distance

Quezon City Circle


One of the highest points in Quezon City. If Quezon City Circle is flooded, the water would be at the second floor of our house. Or worse: the roof. o_o

Day 7: Sunset



I have done this sketch a long time ago. If I rememberer correctly, this was in high school, since my signature here was different. ^^; I was not able to capture a real sunset because today was cloudy. The sky/colors weren’t pretty.

Mcdonalds also has this breakfast promo wherein you have to complete the card’s ‘breakfast menu.’ Once you complete it, you get this cute post-its to ‘share positivity’ to anyone. I think it is quirky. 🙂

Oh yeah~! I’m on schedule once again. ^^ tomorrow is Day 8: Chocolate. =)

Cheers! ^^



longer nightsss……


December along Quezon Avenue….. incoming traffic!



Purple Line


“the name “Purple Line” refers to the thin rays of light on horizon when the sun sets”

I feel bad that I don’t update this site regularly. o_o; To keep this blog active, I plan on reaching photo 100 by the end of the year! I am already pondering on ideas for this blog ext year. Do a 365 day photo challenge? Or maybe I could start in a smaller scale like a 30 day challenge. ^^; Yeah… prolly gona start with that…. anyways. 15 more photos till 100! 🙂

φ(.. )


Panay Avenue, Quezon City


still in QC



along Quezon Avenue


pretty skies.




I now have a new sport!
I at least need to learn how to stand up first haha o_o



more Baccalaureate Mass

waiting for the ‘program’ to start tsk.

( ・д・)/--=≡(((卍

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