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Day 22 to Day 27

Day 22: Favourite Memory


This was a hard theme. Honestly, nothing really popped out immediately after reading the topic. I had a good childhood. I have an endearing family and friends. They make me happy that 95% of the moments I spent with them are part of my fondest memories. (5% for misunderstandings).

I chose a different tactic to arrive to a solution. What is my recent best/happiest/favourite memory? I backtracked to what had happened early this year to last month. 😉 Nice thinking. Good Job.

On the eve of my birthday (I’m a December baby), it was our high school batch’s first Christmas party since graduating, well, high school. Minutes after midnight, we semi-celebrated my birthday with shots for everyone. I didn’t buy those shots, btw. (They were from the actual party. lol) It was my first time celebrating it like that. 🙂 It gave me warm and fuzzy feelings. That night, we (A and I) slept over at J’s house. It was also my first time to celebrate my birthday over at someone else’s house. 😉 We spent the whole day and afternoon just chilling.

The cake was a ‘surprise’ from the CCK siblings (J and her 2 sisters) and A. M was on skype, which was also a surprise. Love you dears~ ♥♥♥

Day 23: Any Animal/bird


Erm….. The birds in the neighbourhood don’t really… show themselves after working hours. And, mornings are always a rush here. The rest of the hours, I’m stuck inside the office. So… this is close enough… ^^; Woodstock.

Day 24: Random

mason jar and tea light

This photo was supposed to be number 102 photo, but I keep on forgetting to share it here. A few weeks ago I released my stress/irritation by doing some arts&crafts. I spray painted a few mason jars: 2 whites, 1 olive green, and 1 glow-in-the-dark. I didn’t know what to do with them yet minus the glow-in-the-dark one. That is until our house’s fuse box suddenly decided to not receive electricity from the main line anymore.

Good thing I had made the said project! The white ones were perfect. The candle inside the small white jar illuminated the room more than when the candle is outside the jar. Not to mention it is safer. For the tea light to not stick on the jar, I had a few stones and sands left from my modelling kit back in college. I poured all of my scraps inside, which was nothing much (approx. 1cm). I then placed the tea light on it. Ta-da~!

The set was on our porch.

Day 25: Purchased

a few items

Monopoly Deal was once a hipster thing. Now it’s mainstream. But, I still like it anyway. I have played this game since early last year, but I have just recently bought my own set (last Saturday to be exact). I’m planning on buying the Sorry! cards. Although, I don’t know anyone else here who is familiar with the Sorry! board game aside from achi and shobe…

The Hooray for Today is from Mcdonalds. I have mentioned this before on Day 7. Technically, I purchased this by completing the breakfast card. XD

Goody’s Spin Pin! I’m still practicing on how to use them on my medium length layered hair. I have tried it on my sister who has longer hair, and it was magic! I plan on buying the bun spin spiral, too! 🙂

Day 26: Small Objects

The pieces of jewellery are from mom’s, who gave it to me. I’m a dragon; hence the dragon pendant. My sisters have their’s, too. A tiger and a ram. Amongst the 3 of us, I wear earrings more often than my 2 sisters do. I only wear these for special occasions. But, I do sometimes wear the earrings on family day outs.

The other items are my small object necessities: The mp3 player to kill time; the bobby pins and hair bands for taming my hair; Lipice lipbalm for chapped lips (lol obviously); and Vicks VapoRub for sinusitis attacks.

Day 27: Building

around the vicinity of COEX, Seoul, South Korea

This is a photo from late last year, but I don’t think I had ever shared it here yet. This was not the most impressive building in Seoul, but I like the effect of the details when one looks at it from the ground. It’s almost psychedelic or mind-boggling!



Day 16 to Day 21

Day 16: Something Old

a few hand-me-downs and others

The books were previously owned by my dad: Le Corbusier 1910 – 65, Architectural Graphic Standards 6th edition, and Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman in the World.

Some toys I had from when I was a kid: jackstones and glow-in-the-dark T-Rex.

Day 17: Inspiring

Meet my first few favorite, somewhat cliché, /idol architects: I.M. Pei, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Le Corbusier. Okay… so maybe that little book is not really about Wright… haha. But he was the one who designed the structure on the cover. ^^;

The Little Prince of Antoine de Saint Exupéry also is one of my all time favorite book. The book is simple and easy to read, but the messages are really moving. 🙂

Day 18: Black &White


This was not on purpose…. But, I wore mostly black and white last Sunday. The only teeny pops of colors were my earrings, anklet, and necklace. In truth, I forgot to consult my notebook for the 18th day challenge ^^;

My everyday clothes are t-shirts and shorts/pants (for work). If I thought my shirt was plain. I would don on a necklace. The usual accessories I wear are a watch, earrings, hair ties, eyeglasses; additional accessories on weekends: a bracelet and anklet. As for footwear, I usually wear ballet flats or sneakers. But, I sometimes wear heels on Sundays. =)

Day 19: Clouds

up in the sky

Okay… So this was an old photo….

Day 20: Trees

also an old photo

Yongdusan Park, Busan.

Day 21: In Motion

again, also an old photo

Cheonggyecheon, Seoul

Intersting fact about Cheonggyechen: The creek was once covered up because of its deteriorating conditions. It was heavily traffic, very much similar to EDSA I think, or even worse. In 2003, they removed the elevated highway which caused several disagreements with the locals. Many protested, but the revival of the stream still proceeded. Now, it serves as a recreation area for the people and a tourist destination. It is also a date destination for couples. Lol. But, what intrigued me the most was that Cheonggyecheon also serve as a catch basin for heavy rain falls! So, Philippines, when will we ‘get one of those?’


Day 13 to Day 15

Day 13: Technology

Simple ‘Machines’ or what not

When one mentions technology, words like gadgets, video game consoles, personal computers, automobiles, etc. immediately pops up. Well, I thought I’d post something differently.

Some things that we take for granted: fabrics, watches, tapes, glues, lenses, papers, standard measuring materials. =)

Day 14: 5 Facts

1) Chinese zodiac sign: Dragon (龍)

2) My initials are E.V.O.L.; L meaning Lim. I reversed it: milove. It sounded like my love, so I removed the V. Hence; miloe 🙂 (fun fact: my 2 sisters’ initials are also e.v.o.l ^^ E from dad’s first name, V from mom’s :))

3) I love unruled notebooks ♥ It’s where I put my schedules, ideas, doodles, etc.

4) I also adore writing materials. Whenever we travel, I can’t leave my notebook and pens/pencils. ♥

5) My family sometimes calls me a camel. This is because I can’t be seen without my water jar/bottle, especially at home. Haha. I love drinking water, but not an aquaholic.I like it lukewarm than cold.

Day 15: Sky

sunset funset

Initially, I thought of taking the sky photo from the reflection of a puddle of water. It didn’t rain yesterday; but while walking to the main road, this site greeted me. It was soooo pretty! The vivid colors were like a reverse flame— the bluish hue at the top fading to violet, pink, red orange, yellow. The giant ball of fire, reflecting on glass curtains casting a red orange glow to the city. A rare site in the metro. 🙂


Day 1: Name



Yes, that is my actual Chinese name. The pinyin is Jiǎng Yù Qīng.

From my last trip to Shanghai, I bought this Chinese stone hand-carved stamp. I was so fascinated by it that I stamp it on all of my notebooks! The stamp was inexpensive, because the stone I picked was cheap. I wanted a jade one, but obviously it was very expensive. (o_o)

Today is the 366th day since starting this photo blog. 😀 I thought it is the perfect date to start the photo challenge. ^^




Meet my not-so-new phone charm, Kuma-san. (bear in japanese)
This phone charm has been lying around since forever.
I have almost forgotten that I have it ^^;

Another long time no update! I’m running out of pictures to share, too. D:

Then again, my life is kinda boring lately. On weekdays; I go to the office, eat, go home, eat, sleep. On weekends, either I just stay home, or go to the mall. <_< Can't see anything interesting to shoot either.

Last week, I had seen some possible good shots. Sadly, I didn't have a digicam with me. My current camera phone sucks. Using a random old phone in the house. The camera lens part has scratches on it. (I missed my old phone T.T I was pickpocket-ed last month 😦 sad.)

Anyway, I plan on bringing digicam with me to work now. I might see some good things to capture while going to work or going home 🙂 (There aren’t really anything interesting to shoot at work. ^^;) And!!! I’m currently trying to plan something fun in my sched like a picnic or going out-of-town for a day. Maybe once every two weeks? or once a month? I don’t like boring =p.

( ´(ェ)`)


this is boredom part2

Glowing TRex!
(… I need to give Wire-Man a name… haha)

[Canon digital IXUS 860 IS; iso80; exposure time:10s]



this is boredom

I may be creating a mini city (or something) in the future. =))
Glow-in-the-dark T-Rex (had it since… grade school?)
Wire man (made it by blockmate for a project in 2nd year college)

The sun is actually a keychain.
The house/bahay kubo is a souvenir from Batad. =)




since I have kinda lost fishie,
I had bought this to temporarily replace it.
I’m sure Fishie is just around here in this house…
somewhere 😦

edited: (2010 04 27)
yey! found Fishie again~!
apparently Fishie was in the masters’ room…
hmm.. how did you get in there.. o_o



fishie in another form 🙂

An accessory made from capiz and wires. There should be more attractive accessories made from local products here. example: capiz. I love capiz shells.

My friend and I bought this at a kiosk in Robinson’s Place Manila, but unfortunately, i don’t know where the kiosk is now. =( hopefully it has just relocated somewhere in the mall.


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