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Time flies by so fast~~~~ It’s already December! …And I have been an irresponsible blogger (haven’t really updated much this year) and pre-board architect (I should be fixing my logbook). Ohwell. =D

This was taken last August to celebrate Achi’s birthday. ^^; We ate at Sonia’s Garden. The place is just lovely! Perfect place for peace and quiet. One can’t help feeling rejuvenated even with just quick afternoon stroll there. The place has executed vernacular architecture well. In a way, it’s a perfect place for foreigners wanting to experience “something local.” The exterior structures may not look very Filipino, but the small details and the interiors makes up for it. =)

( ̄▽ ̄)=3



part 2 of post #13

had thought it through whether i should post this picture or not.. but the kid just looked cute here =))



ooh~ thirteenth random scene~ 🙂

I thought this scene was endearing 🙂



Tagaytay Ridge

I chose Tagaytay as my first random scene post just because that was where my family and I spent our New Year 🙂


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